Artur Kedzior


👋 Hey there! I'm the one-man-band behind Salarioo (as in Salary You). It's a unique job board I made focusing on showing you the money upfront, so you can find gigs that match your money needs right off the bat. No more playing guessing games, and no more letdowns when it's time to talk cash.

Need help or have any question? Here's my Twitter. Tweet to me and I'll help you personally.

Artur Kedzior, Founder of Salarioo


Site built with SvelteKit ❤ + Tailwind + .NET hosted on Linux

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  • Locations - display job location (on-site, remote and remote location restrictions)
  • Channels - post jobs to Reddit
  • Channels - post jobs to Telegram
  • Search - improve by adding tag filters
  • Search - improve by selecting salary range
  • Tags - make tags clickable
  • Fix job list sort order - ughhh Firebase
  • Fix Remote Work Junkie missing currency
  • Search - move search from header to the home page, enable it on mobile


Say goodbye to salary secrets and hello to thousands of tech jobs with upfront pay. Join us in redefining job searches where transparency isn't an option, it's a guarantee!.

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